Friday, August 10, 2012

A beary interesting morning

I was scheduled to work Thursday in the Gateway VC, and that I did.  Talk about boring.  We only had 42 visitors.  I worked the whole day, and two local volunteers came in for four hours each to help with the ‘crowds’.  I try to keep it in perspective though.  It wasn’t too long ago that I was at Anahuac NWR working the VC, and would be thrilled if 12 people stopped in.  The advantage there was that I could easily pop in and out of the little shack to watch birds, and take photos.  I’ve done about all the photo opportunities at this building, and the view is pretty much of the  parking lot and a thin strip of woods between the building and US 64.  Can’t go traipsing off into the woods for two reasons.  First, I can’t see cars arriving, and second, ticks are a real problem in the woods.  I don’t need to be getting Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  (that happened to Abbey, the volunteer coordinator last year)

So, I was looking forward to today when I only had to work a half day.  My assignment was to check all of the outlying entrances to Alligator River NWR and restock maps and information brochures in the posted boxes.  It’s the same thing I did last week.  It involves quite a bit of driving, but it gets me out and about.


I took the back refuge roads to drop off my car at the maintenance building and check out a refuge vehicle for today’s journey.  Along the way, I was treated to a fantastic view of this big fellow.  I assure you, I stayed in my car as he approached.


The water was still clinging to his legs from walking through this wet Pocosin habitat.  I’m pretty confident that he had spent the very early morning hours dining on the fields of corn that were just behind him.  I also wondered just how much further he was going to come towards me. Disappointed smile


He eventually turned around and headed down one of the levies.  Can you guess how I knew it was a male bear?  Here’s a couple of clues.  He was big.  There were no little cubs with him, and if you look closely you can see that he is endowed with quite a pair of Rocky Mountain Oysters!  Rolling on the floor laughing  I think you can see the power that is evident in the front legs of these bears.  What I find interesting is how their back legs look rather wimpy in comparison.  I’d say he’s also very well fed.  Must be all that corn.

I completed my duties restocking the boxes, and didn’t see anything else quite as exciting as this.  I did save some photos though for tomorrow since I’ll be working the Gateway VC again for the day. 

I was in a bit of a quandary this evening as to what photo to use for the finish of this post.  I think I’ll let you decide which one is the most appropriate.  It will depend on your point of view.  Should it be:

_MG_9712                                           THE END!!  (you can tell the bears are loving the corn)



                                                                                 THE END!!  ??

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy