Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tales of tails

Locals here along the OBX can’t seem to remember the last time there has been so much rain during the summer.  It seems to me that there has been plenty of rain, especially on my days off.  I had a shortened work day scheduled today, and once again we had 2.5” of rain pouring down.  Just before I left for work at the Gateway VC yesterday, I glanced out the dining table window.


Perched atop the volunteer building was a red-tailed hawk.  Can you see how wet its feathers were and the water droplets it was shedding onto the rooftop?


It soon flew down to the wind vane that is attached to the top of one of the electric fence posts.  Out came its wings to dry.  It was once again overcast, so there weren’t any sunbeams to help in the drying process.

_MG_9954This bird is just a youngster.  You can tell by the brown barred tail.  Next year, it will have the beautiful red tail that is so distinctive.  No doubt this is one of the offspring of the pair of adults that nested in the woods behind the rigs.


I quietly sneaked out of the rig with my camera in hand to see if I could get a little closer.  The bird was curious about my movements, but allowed me to approach within about ten feet.  It was one of those great moments that comes from living on a wildlife refuge.

Now for a a little tale about seafood tails.  Perhaps you remember that back in July, I took myself out for a birthday dinner at the Tail of the Whale restaurant in Nags Head.  I had decided ahead of time that I was going to order the garlic shrimp entrée, so I told the waiter not to tell me about the daily special.  Sadly, I later found out that the special was a crab stuffed whole Maine lobster.  I had been craving some good lobster for some time. 

Well tonight my dream came true.  Jack and I went back to the Tail of the Whale, and they once again had the lobster special offered.  You can bet I listened closely to the waiter before I ordered.  Winking smile


We started out with an appetizer of coconut shrimp with orange dipping sauce.  Can you tell that this place is not a dive?  Every once in a while I enjoy a place with real tablecloths and napkins, salad forks, and meals served in courses.


The cavity of the lobster that usually contains its brain and that ‘green stuff’ was stuffed with large chunk crab meat instead.  With a dinner like this, I guess I’ll have to forgive Jack for the trip to the Waffle House last February.  (I was certainly not a ‘cheap date’ tonight!)


What a grand time we had, and this was the view from the window at our table.  It was still raining, but the view of the Pamlico Sound was pleasant none the less.  I’m going to hate to see Jack leave on Tuesday.  It has been a fun week.


                                                                                 THE END!!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy