Friday, August 31, 2012


Dear Typhoon Bolaven, I'm sorry to say but I was a bit disappointed. You were supposed to be the worst typhoon in ten years. You had people (myself included) rushing to the grocery store to stock up on food and candles, duck taping their windows and schools canceling (no complaints on that one). You threatened with images like this
but in reality, it looked like this outside.

Dear Boss, saying that "the weather will be nice" in the middle of a typhoon is a little extreme. I think we need to clarify what you qualify as 'good weather'. Dear Hubs, I love it when you randomly bust out Chicago musical show tunes. Sexiest.thing.ever. Ok, maybe not ever but it's pretty cute. Dear kindi student, you were being all cute and wanting to hold my hand during class. You became exponentially less cute when you decided to try and stick my whole hand in your mouth. Dear kids, it's great that you want to be around me all the time but following me to the bathroom and waiting outside the stall is a bit much. Dear motorbike, today was my first lesson and I have to say, you're a whole lot less terrifying than I thought. I look forward to being able to ride along next to the hubs on his bike. Dear Hubs, you have been a rockstar this week. Sweet notes, making meals, intentional prayer time. You know just how to turn a bad week right back around!