Saturday, August 11, 2012


Dear Hubs, you always make traveling more fun and definitely less stressful. Thanks for being such a great travel buddy. 
Dear last American meal, you were no doubt a giant splurge but I can't think of a better combo than Cinnabon, Garret's Popcorn and a giant burrito as our last meal in the states.
Dear Ms. Teagen, you were a whole lot harder to leave that I first anticipated. I know I won't be there in person for the big moments but you can expect pretty cool gifts from around the globe from your weird Aunt Chelsea. Dear exercise, haven't seen you in awhile. Guess I didn't stick to my 'I'll still workout on vacation' plan. Back to eating healthy again...on Monday. Dear feet, I really hope the swelling goes down soon from our 14 hour flight. I can hardly fit into my shoes. Dear Hubs, you and your buddies decided to play a prank via phone and tell me you got put in jail for streaking. I was left crying in a restaurant before you figured out you had gone too far. The 'I'm sorry' cake with a naked running Ken doll on top definitely made up for it though. Dear friends and family, thank you for such an amazing trip home. It was better than we ever could have anticipated.