Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ordinary days

Not every day of life on the road produces exciting adventures.  Sometimes the ordinary chores catch up with you, and you have to take some time to get things back in order.  That’s just what I’ve done the last couple of days.  I got the oil change on the car taken care of on Monday.  Then on Tuesday, I had an appointment to get an eye exam.  I planned to do my grocery shopping afterwards while I was in Nags Head.  So much for plans.  The doc dilated my pupils which took care of the rest of the day.  I was lucky to drive back to the rig with that goofball sunshade behind my glasses without incident.  No way I was going to try to stagger around the grocery store.

They told me my eyes would be back to normal in four hours.  Not so.  It took a full nine hours of staying inside.  I ended up vacuuming and cleaning the rig at 10:00 at night.  I must admit that is not unusual for me.  I seem to get the urge to do cleaning chores late at night.


This morning I was off to replenish my water supply and take the garbage to the dumpster.  The water from the hook-ups here is good for doing dishes and brushing your teeth, but drinking and cooking water has to be picked up five miles away.  I struggle a little with the 40 lb. bottle.


I took the back refuge roads over to the maintenance area, but didn’t see any bears this morning.  The field of sunflowers has begun to bloom however.  I find it fascinating the way these blooms follow the sun’s journey across the sky each day.


After I finished the grocery shopping, I headed back to the rig and picked up reading this book.  Donna Cave sent it to me a while back while I was camping near the Great Smoky Mountains.  It turns out this lady was a classmate in high school of McGyver’s.  It’s pretty much the journal of the decision of a 51 year old woman to hike the entire Appalachian Trail from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mt. Katahdin in Maine.  I’m about half way through the book, and am in awe of what this woman accomplished on this 2,155 mile hike that took her six months.  I’m taking my time reading this book so I can absorb and think about the discoveries she made along the way.  When I finish, I’d certainly be willing to send this book forward to anyone who might be interested.  Just let me know.

Surprisingly, the humidity and temperature were low enough tonight to enjoy sitting outside for the evening.  A nice cool breeze made it that much more pleasant. 

69  Pea Island & Alligator River NWRs  201211

And Emma was thrilled to have her friend Precious come over to play.  Those two make quite the pair.  So ends a couple of ordinary days.  It’s back to the Gateway VC for me tomorrow, but I’m hoping to have a more exciting assignment for next week.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy