Friday, August 17, 2012


Dear Hubs, thanks for all of your help this week. Coming home from a two week vacation is never easy but you've taken a lot of the workload off. So blessed to have such a helpful husband. Dear Church, you have a way of producing the most lovely of ladies. Keep it up because I absolutely adore my Thursday nights with them. Dear Motivation, I'm trying really hard to get back into life in Korea and it's harder than I thought. Hopefully I can get caught up on work this weekend and finally get the motivation to start working out again! Dear Bali Coffee, you are more amazing than I remember. I've missed having a cup of coffee in the morning before work. Oh and if you add coconut milk...delicious. Thank goodness for good friends who brought it back for me. Dear US of A, I kinda sorta miss you and your good food and your awesome people. Dear Laundry, thank goodness you're done! When we first got home we had five loads of laundry. I've never missed a separate washer dryer so much. Dear Amanda, thanks for throwing awesome birthday parties for your husband. Best party ever.Photobucket