Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Picture a Day

Hey everyone! My parents are here safe and sound and we are loving having them here! It's so much fun to show family around our little town and watch their faces as we have them try new foods and experiences (my personal favorite). So while I'm showing them around and convincing them that eating blood soup is perfectly normal here (never tried it but really want to trick them into doing it) I have the lovely Laurie here to entertain you guys. 
I am so incredibly excited for her to be guest posting today! This girl is as sweet as can be and was one of my first blogging friends since I switched to Blogger (which means she holds a special place in this blogging heart of mine). Her and her husband have started this awesome project to capture everyday moments throughout the year (You know what a sucker I am for capturing memories). Take a look and be sure to stop over and say hi on her blog!
hey hey! i'm laurie & i blog over at the brotherton's. this year my better half {Mitch, the hubs} & i are working on our own 365 project. the idea came about one night during pillow talk {the time at night when you lie in bed chit-chatting till one of you falls asleep first? yea, that time}. we are newly married & wanted to document 2013 a new way, so why not take a picture of ourselves everyday. why not, right?
Day1. "The Wall"
Day 10. We bought new beanies.
the idea of taking a single picture everyday doesn't seem too difficult a task. but it's proven to be quite challenging. there are days we get home & are burnt out. no one wants to setup a tripod, camera & put on a smile when they would rather be relaxing on the sofa. so those burnt out days usually resort to us sitting by "the wall". "the wall" is literally a wall in our living room that has no special characteristics whatsoever, yet we choose to sit in front of it for the majority of our pictures. hey, it works.
Day 26. Mirror pic :)
Day 38. Peekaboo.
our process always begins with grabbing the tripod & camera. i quickly change the settings while M gets in whatever spot/location we are using. he's always positioned on the right & i'm on the left. we always use self-timer, unless someone is there to take the picture for us. when we first started the project, we didn't realize how many pictures we would end of taking for that one picture we'd use for the day. we quickly learned it took several tries, but now we have it down to a science; on a good day, we can have it set up with a good picture taken in just a couple minutes.
Day 45. Almost Valentine's Day.
Day 71. Hanging out by the water. We're not ready to move.
so far this project has been a learning experience... but a fun one! once a month we look how far we've come. pictures really do speak a thousand words. we can look at each photo & tell you what we did that day, tell you what we were just talking about & if we were bickering just before. they each hold individual memories that i'm glad we captured.
Day 90. Happy Easter.
Day 91. Hiking to Raven Cliff Falls.
i would recommend this project to anyone. it's a unique way to capture & express a year. it's challenged us to be creative with each other & with our photography skills {or lack thereof :p}. we also have great pride knowing that we've come this far without missing a day even when we didn't want to do it. & i know when we make it to the last day, it's going to feel like we accomplished something big when all we did was take a single picture everyday.

more favorites.
thank you chelsea for letting me share this! be sure to stop by & say hello! i'd love to meet you :)

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