Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How do you brush?

My three days off this week have been more than busy with my sister Pam and her husband Stanley visiting.  I’ve already posted about taking them on a tour of the refuge on Monday.  Then on Tuesday, we took the boat tour of the swamp run by the concessionaires at the east entrance.


We were hoping to get the front seats in the tour boat for the best views, but it was not to be.  As we headed out down the Suwannee Canal, the tour guide, Nile, asked for someone to sit on the front of the boat to even out the weight load.  As you might guess, I was all over that!  So there I sat for the whole tour with no heads or bodies or boat trappings in the way for pictures.  Sweet!  We went on this tour so that Pam and Stan could get a taste of what the Okefenokee swamp is all about.


Along the way, we passed a red-shouldered hawk nest with recently hatched young.  One of the adults was standing guard a short distance away.

This is the fourth time I’ve taken this boat tour since I’ve been here, and every time I learn something new and see something different.  I can go for free as a volunteer, but I certainly think it is worth the $18.50 for the 90 minute ride through the historic Suwannee Canal and one of the wet prairies.  The Okefenokee Swamp is unlike any other place I’ve been in my travels.

71 Okefenokee NWR 2012-1352

On the return trip back to the Visitors Center, I was thrilled to have my spot on the front of the boat to see this barred owl.  It perched in front of us for some time, and didn’t leave until we had moved on down the canal.  “Who, who, who, who!  Who cooks for you-all?”


            We had once again scheduled a wiener roast in the evening in honor of Pam and Stan’s visit.

IMG_1916Everybody brought a dish to pass to go along with the ‘dogs’.  As usual, no one went away hungry.  We always invite the young interns to these gatherings.  They just come to eat and socialize.  We’ve told them we’re not interested in them contributing anything since the only thing they have said they could bring to the food bank is Spaghetti-O’s.  Smile with tongue out


Of course, Flat Joey came along to learn how to cook hotdogs over the open fire.  Great uncle (not so flat,) Stanley helped him out. Winking smile

That was yesterday.  Today, we headed out on another grand adventure that I’ll write about tomorrow.  After returning late this afternoon, we found ourselves rather tired and wind/sun burned.  We sure wished some pizza place was willing to deliver out here in the middle of nowhere! 

Pam and Stan and I were chatting about how they are having a water leak problem in their rig, and I have no hot water due to the broken check valve.  Somehow the conversation turned to brushing teeth.  I had mentioned that I was getting used to brushing with cold water.  They both thought that was peculiar.  They have always brushed their teeth with cold water.  I thought that was odd.  Hmm… So, let me hear.  How many of you readers use warm water to brush your teeth, and how many use cold?  I have to say though, that if you use cold water, I’m going to think you’re a bit odd.  Certainly, I couldn’t be the odd or peculiar one could I?

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy