Monday, April 22, 2013

Things are looking up

I’ve been at Premiere RV in Scott, LA, for six days, and have to admit that I was getting a little down in the dumps about how long I would be here to get everything on my list taken care of on the rig.  When I checked with the office this morning, they predicted that the new MCD shades that were ordered wouldn’t be in until sometime next week.  Ugh!  I’m not in a colossal rush to get to northwest Minnesota considering they are still buried under snow, but I was hoping to leisurely make my way up north.  Sitting in this parking lot for over another week just didn’t brighten me up much.

IMG_2402                                      (Most of tonight’s pictures are from my time at Okefenokee.)

Over the weekend, I tried to do some laundry using my Splendide washer/dryer in the rig.  Since I didn’t have hot water because of the broken check valve, I decided to just use cold water.  Nice idea, but it didn’t work.  I put in the clothes, detergent and softener, and hit the start button.  The machine worked away, but no water ever entered the wash basin.  Baring teeth smile  I had noticed in the past that no matter what water temperature I chose, the water in the washer was always hot.  Now that the check valve didn’t work, I didn’t get any water at all.  I suppose it’s best that I find these things out while I’m at a repair facility, but it just didn’t do anything for my morale. 


I reported that problem as well when I checked in at the office this morning.  I was told the owner, Billy, would be working on my rig today without moving me into a service bay, so I sat and waited.  Turns out he was out and about finding me a new check valve that is all brass inside and out, so it shouldn’t ever break down again.  The three I’ve had before had plastic parts and a spring inside that ultimately quickly broke.

By the middle of the afternoon, I finally had hot water again!  Yahoo!  Not only that, but he quickly fixed the washer/dryer.  It turned out that the water lines were switched somehow.  That meant when I chose cold water, it meant hottest water.  I’m sure glad that is fixed.

Then, Billy did some tweaking on the MCD shades I had installed here previously.  A former employee installed them, and they had become loose, and I was afraid they would fall down as I drove down the road.  Now, they’re as good as new.

IMG_0039My new set of tires for the rig have arrived at the tire place, so I’m hoping to get those taken care of tomorrow.  Then, just before closing, Billy’s wife Helen came to the rig to report that my new MCD shades had already been shipped from Texas.  So, things are looking up!  With a little luck, I may be on my way by Friday.  Sweet!  Now my mind is reeling with the possibilities of places I will have time to visit along the way north.  That sure pepped me up.

I’m running a load of wash right now, and soon will have my first hot shower in two weeks.  Life is good!


                                                                               THE END!!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy