Thursday, April 18, 2013


Dear Homesickness, after months of feeling content and at home here in Korea, you've reared your ugly head again. Except this time, I have no desire to go home. Could everyone just move here?

Dear Hubs, you're always so good at these cute nicknames for me. In our relationship, I have gone from Chello to Wels. But me? I've never been good at these things. You've been 'hubs' for quite some time now but I want a name that I actually call you in real life. Be prepared for some nickname trials soon. Dear Work Pants, I dyed you black and you came out purple. Here's to a second try. Dear Discount Easter Candy, my parents must have filled an entire suitcase full of you and you have been my saving grace this week! I tried to explain to hubs that pms cravings are stronger than at any other time (this was when I was trying to explain why a large bag of peanut m&ms disappeared in one day). He responded with 'Oh, I get cravings too, I understand'. I love you dear but no, no you don't. Dear Readers, Lost in Travels got a Facebook page! Head over here and give it a like! I'll be posting a ton more photos from our travels over here. Also, I now offer more advertising options! If you're interested in growing your blog, I would love to help you! Go over to my sponsors page and check out the different options or let me know if you have any other ideas on ways to work together!

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