Monday, March 26, 2012

Are you plagued by Wristastosis?

Well I sure am.  The older I get, the weaker my wrists seem to get.  Today I tried to open a new jar of marinated mushrooms to go along with my grilled spare ribs.  First I just tried to open it using my hands alone.  Ha!  What was I thinking?


So I got out my trusty rubber round thing that I got my first year on the road from the Social Security booth at Quartzsite.  No luck there either.  Sad smile  Okay, it was time to pull out my arsenal.

IMG_7169 IMG_7170

Next up was this handy dandy little opener that works on most every jar, and it’s adjustable to the jar lid size.  Not today, though.  It failed me.  I really like marinated mushrooms so I was getting worried.  I had one last tool to try…

IMG_7168 …and it worked!  Yahooie!  I believe this antique jar opener was my grandmother’s.  Sometimes in an RV, even a women has multiple tools to accomplish the same thing.  Winking smile  It sure helped with my wristastosis!

I was plagued with two other things today.  One was a definite ‘snake in the grass’, and the other one turned out not to be.  The real snake in the grass came this morning when I got a call from the Wells Fargo Fraud Unit.  It seems there were some questionable charges on my debit card last Friday and this morning, so they were calling to find out what was up.  They approved the charge on Friday, but not the one this morning.  Not sure what the Friday charge was for but it occurred through a billing agency in the UK.  The one that was denied this morning was for an escort service also through the UK.  I may be a solo, but I’m not desperate enough to hire an escort service!! Annoyed

The result is that my card was immediately cancelled, and a new one is on the way.  Steps were also taken so I would not be liable for the Friday charge.  I’m sure glad the Wells Fargo Fraud Unit was on top of things, as it might have been some time before I caught the bogus charges myself.

_MG_7121Remember this pic from a couple of days ago?   One commenter on that post wanted to know what kind of snake it was, so I went in to talk to one of the biologists today to help me identify it since I couldn’t figure it out.  The reason I couldn’t figure it out is that it isn’t a snake at all!  It’s a Slender Glass Lizard.  It didn’t have any legs, so I just assumed it was a snake.  These guys mainly eat bugs.  When I took the pictures I noticed that it didn’t flick out a forked tongue, but it never sunk in why.  So, it was definitely not a snake in the grass…

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy