Sunday, March 18, 2012

Setting up the Hard Rock Bird Café

A couple of years ago, I decided to call my bird feeder set ups at places I’m at for extended periods the Hard Rock Bird Café.  At the time, I was at Balcones Canyonlands NWR which is in the hill country of Texas and has a lot of hard rocks around.  I got a comment on my post yesterday from SHERRY with a question:  “Since we are in most parks for at least 2 weeks and sometimes more, I want to set up some birdfeeders around the coach. Can you talk about what you have and why and how you carry them from place to place??”  You bet I can!  It’s always nice to get an idea for a post topic.


Over time, I’ve decided upon a few different feeders.  My latest choices center around the problem of squirrels.  I’ve had this feeder for over a year, and it has proven quite good at foiling those little rascals.  The birds don’t have any problems getting to the seeds, and the metal top and grid around the seed portals tends to keep the squirrels from destroying the feeder.


This setup has two feeders on a dual shepherd’s crook.  The feeder on the right is plastic and is filled with Niger seed that the goldfinches and pine siskins really like.  For some reason unknown to me, squirrels aren’t interested in this seed.  Normally squirrels will chew right through a plastic feeder.


The other feeder is all metal, and was given to me by my sister for Christmas.  The squirrels can’t chew through it, but they do tend to just sit on the bottom plate and munch away…hence my latest little air gun to dissuade them from this habit.  Ninja  I place these two feeders rather close to the window by my table where I sit to eat and have my computer set up.


My other bird feeding area is located to the right of my outside rocking chair, and is located so that it is surrounded by plenty of perching areas and cover for less bold birds.  Yesterday I hung the hummingbird feeder there as well.  I’ve made a birdbath cheaply out of an inverted flower pot.  In the afternoons, I scatter some extra seed on the ground under the seed feeder.  This is where I get many of my bird pictures around the rig.  Since Emma doesn’t really care much about birds, they come within about five feet of her to visit this area.  I keep my birdseed in one of those medium sized plastic bins, and when I move all of the feeders fit into it for easy storage when moving down the road.  Others do their feeders differently, but that’s how it goes at the Hard Rock Bird Café!

I leave you tonight with a little bird vignette starring a brown thrasher from under the above feeder…


                                                         HMM… A CAFÉ IN THE WOODS??


                                                                    CAN I GRAB A BITE TO EAT?


                                                               OH BOY!  A HALF A PEANUT!


                                  I’D BETTER GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE SOMEBODY GIVES ME A BILL!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy