Saturday, March 17, 2012

♪ ♫ My WILD Irish Rose ♫

I worked the VC yesterday, and it was pretty ho hum.  The weather was gorgeous, and I didn’t enjoy being stuck inside.

66 MS Sandhill Crane NWR 201231

As I arrived to open up, the heavy fog was just beginning to burn away.  It made for some sparkly effects on the roses blooming along the entranceway. 


Afterwards, Emma and I sat outside as usual, and I put a handful of seeds on the ground under the feeder so the birds that don’t care to use the feeder could entertain us.  I do this just about everyday shortly after 4:00, and the birds seem to be waiting in the wings. (pun intended Smile)


It only takes moments for them to arrive.  The feeder next to my ‘patio’ area seems to be ignored by the squirrels (thank goodness).  It’s in a rather dense tree and shrub area, and just a few feet from my rocker.


I decided to hang my hummingbird feeder in this area as well.  I chose a spot that gets the afternoon sun and will light any little visiting hummers from behind me as I sit outside.  It’s probably a week or two early for hummingbirds, but better early than late is my motto. (as opposed to better late than never)

Today was laundry day, and another good day for hanging out a couple of loads…sunny with temps near 80. 


Friday morning before I went into work, I was taking a pot shot at one of the squirrels at the feeder outside the driver’s side of the rig.  As I pulled the trigger, the whole pistol blew itself to smithereens, and the spring and top half of it blasted out the window!  I haven’t even had that thing a week. 

So today it was a trip back to Walmart with all the parts, the packaging, and the receipt.  I got my money back, and purchased a slightly more expensive device that uses the same 2500 pellets that I bought last week.  I must say that the exploding gun did have a scary effect on those little rascals, but come tomorrow morning Annie Oakley will be back.  Winking smile


Seeing as it was St. Patrick’s Day today, you know I had to have corned beef and cabbage to celebrate the day that Emma came to adopt me four years ago.  That’s how I named her you know.  She came to me on St. Patrick’s Day, so I looked up female Irish names and she became Emma.   I’ve never been sure if it was like finding a lucky four leaf clover, or a trick from the Leprechauns that fateful day…she is surely my WILD Irish Rose!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy