Tuesday, March 6, 2012

i have what??

a brief explanation of what jeremy and i are doing now. we have decided not to resign with our previous school, ecc. it was honestly the perfect school for our first year and we are forever grateful for the experience and the opportunity to work with such amazing people. we decided, however, that we want to do some more traveling this next year and therefore picked schools that allowed us to do so. jeremy got a job at a vocational high school which he started the other day and loves. i will be working part time at an academy which will be a nice change of pace and allow me more time off.

with that being said, in order to change schools there are several hoops to go through and forms to be filled out. one of these was a health check at the local hospital. simple enough, urine test, blood test, hearing and sight, along with a chest X-ray. when jeremy and i went back to the hospital to pick up our results the nurse looks at jeremy "you're fine" then proceeds to turn to me and say "you have kidney disease." i love how delicately she put it. now, after being here a year, i have heard of several serious misdiagnoses, which is why i wasn't too concerned.

i went back to the hospital the following week and had more tests done. i walked into the doctor's office to get the new test results. he had my chart with my passport picture on it and when he looked up he jumped back. always the reaction you want when someone looks at you, right? he continued to go on and on about how i look so different from my picture and how my cheeks were "sharper" now. reading in-between the lines: you used to be fat, but not to worry, you look fine now. he then turned to me "oh and you're fine, no kidney disease." i can't wait for my health check next year.