Monday, March 5, 2012

Not exactly the day I had planned

The day dawned sunny with no strong winds, so I felt pretty good about being able to take a canoe paddle down the bayou this afternoon.


                                                                        Chipping Sparrow

I spent the morning gathering all the documents necessary to send my stuff off to my tax preparer in Minnesota.  I know many people do their taxes themselves, but I’m not one of them.  It’s worth it to me to let someone that knows what they’re doing take care of the filing.

_MG_6490                                                                          Carolina Chickadee

Once I had gathered everything I needed, I headed for the Post Office in town.  While I was gone, John and Diana had left the volunteer village as well. 


                                                                           Tufted Titmouse

That fact was important to me since I can no longer carry a 17’ canoe down to the bayou launch site by myself. 


                                                                     Red-winged Blackbird

Diana and I planned to tackle that together, and then enjoy a nice paddle.  Things didn’t turn out that way, though.


                                                                 Eastern Towhee (male)

As the afternoon wore on, I replenished my bird feeders, threw some seeds on the ground, and got out my favorite book to read in the warm afternoon sun.  Emma enjoyed her time outside protecting our site from marauding squirrels, and my camera was at hand to document our avian visitors.


                                                                     Northern Cardinal (male)

My stomach began growling, so I tried firing up the grill with the new propane hose attached to my mini-tank.  In very short order, I had a couple of hotdogs cooked to perfection along with toasted buns.  Halleluiah!  It appears that my long standing problem with grills has been solved.  Of all the different things that can go wrong, I obviously never guessed until the other day that it could be the hose.  Iron Chef Bobby Flay watch out!  Winking smile


Pretty soon, the sun was setting and the moon was rising.  No trip down the bayou today, but I had relaxed and enjoyed myself anyway.  It turned out that Diana and John had a death in their extended family, and had to take care of family things today.  Totally understandable.  We’ll do that paddle some other day…


                                                                               THE END!!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy