Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Little Birthday Celebration Mixed with a Little Food Poisoning

Last weekend was a good friend of ours birthday so we decided to celebrate with a Mexican Fiesta with a Christmas photo booth. What more could you ask for, right?
We did a backdrop with several paper snowflakes and a string of lights. The snowflakes weren't showing up too great in photos so some friends outlined them to make them stand out a little more. 
Another friend had made these awesome photo props for her kindi class (kindi teachers are the best) so she brought them along.
The party was a blast and I love how great the photo booth pictures turned out!
Ok, time to get personal here. That night I woke up early and didn't quite feel right. I've never had food poisoning before, nor did I ever care to. But I guess someone had it in their mind to invite me and two other friends to this not so coveted club. Thankfully hubs was there to take care of me (and congratulate me every time I threw up..he's very supportive) and of course Zeke didn't leave my side even as I napped near the toilet. 
Another thing I'm thankful for is how open hubs is about bodily functions (with that and the fact that my family is very open about sex, we're bound to have the most openly awkward kids in history) because let's face it, it wasn't pretty in our household that week and I had no strength left to try and hide it from anyone. I also received several messages from friends sharing some of their best food poisoning stories. It was a great comic relief and comfort and I feel like I now know those around me on a much deeper level...whether I wanted to or not.
Also, something else huge happened while I was sick. I took my very first sick day in Korea. This is big news guys. For the past two years I have worked through endless migraines, upset stomaches (that Korea food can be rough) and colds. There are so many times that had we been back home, I would have called in sick. But Korean work ethic is so completely different. You are still expected to show up to work when you are sick but this was one time that I simply couldn't. Besides, I'm not sure how effective my teaching would have been with me running out of the room every 10 minutes. I'm so thankful for a boss that was ok with this (even if she didn't know what a sick day was) and I was able to stay home and rest. 

So tell me, can you be open about these things with your significant other? Do they get grossed out? I'll be honest, I did when we first got married but it's gotten better with time. Hopefully I'll have a steel stomach by the time we have kids and I have to clean them up when they're sick.