Wednesday, December 19, 2012

For When You Can't Be There

My favorite was the Curious George book about adventure, being yourself and never giving up
Being overseas makes getting gifts back home for Christmas a little more difficult. I'm not so much concerned with the older family members (sorry guys) but I do care about getting my niece something nice. Even though she's only a few months old I want to make sure that I remain close to her as she grows up, even with the distance between us. For all I know my niece thinks we live in a third world country or an exotic island destination. Or it could be terrible. She could know the truth that we actually lead pretty normal lives and spend the majority of our days trying to get kids to repeat things like 'How are you?' and 'I have four people in my family.' Then we spend the remainder of class drawing family pictures and voila...lesson plan. But I digress.
This is why I'm so glad that my mom (genius that she is) sent me one of Hallmark's recordable books. It's the perfect gift that my niece can listen to over and over again and hear our voices reading her the story. Then hopefully by the time we get back she'll at least recognize us by our voices.
Sidenote:I went to go mail this and while I was at the post office I decided to write a little note on the first page. And of course, forgetting that it's a recorded book, I opened it right up. And of course, us saying 'Merry Christmas Teagan!' was blasted throughout the post office (warning: this book recording device is loud...Or maybe it's just us). Thankfully, I  managed to cover the speaker before there were too many stares. Although I did manage to catch a glimpse of the clerk laughing and shaking his head at me.

What do you get people that you won't see this Christmas season?