Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

Just a few photos from our tree excursion. 
Us, our tree and our tiny little clown car.
Merry Christmas Charlie Brown! I'm starting to actually like the Charlie Brown trees more. Guess it will save us money at the tree farms when we get back to the states and we don't mind taking the rejects. 
Homemade ornaments. The first one you simply cut out several circles then fold them all in half. Glue them together and before completing the circle add a string in the middle to hang it from.
The second you do the same process as the star garland. Cut a star shape, fold along each point then glue two of the stars together and string some twine though it. 
We finally got a cute picture of Zeke with the lights! I love my little family.

Merry Christmas Season everyone! Can't wait to see everyone's beautiful trees!