Thursday, December 13, 2012



Dear hubs, the other night when I thought you were asleep next to me, you randomly asked me something about the blog. I love that you sometimes think about it while you fall asleep. Is this real love? I think so. Dear Store Owners, do you ever listen to the songs before you blast them in your store? The other day I was shopping and a rap song started blaring the likes of 'what up my b****' and 'where my n****** at?' I was shocked and looked around only to find out that no one else even took notice. Thank you for the reminder that I live in a non-English speaking country. Dear Sanity, I almost lost you this week when I text my boss about taking a sick day and she answered back with, 'What's a sick day?' Dear hubs, you were a rockstar nurse this week with taking care of me, getting me endless amounts of Gatorade, and holding my hair back while I had food poisoning. Hopefully I can earn back some of those sexiness points I inevitably lost this week.