Friday, December 28, 2012

A Merry Little Christmas

I apologize for the slight silence around here this week. A massive but happily welcomed food coma ensued for the better half of three days (no complaints here) and I simply got lazy. And instead of doing anything productive, I spent massive amounts of time cuddling up with hubs watching movies and enjoying the fruits of my baking labor (again, no complaints here).
To say we had a good Christmas would be a great understatement. We were able to spend the better part of the holiday with friends and of course massive amounts of delicious food. We have found such an amazing community here and it has made all the difference in the world when it comes to celebrating holidays overseas and away from family. It all started Christmas Eve when a huge box from The Land of the Goods (aka my mom's house) arrived with 43 pounds of everything that expats dream about. Our little apartment is now fully stocked with all the ingredients needed for s'mores, fudge, and a giant cookie cake. Bring on the winter 'warmth' pounds. Sadly, I have no photos of this box of love because as soon as it entered our cozy apartment, it was ripped apart.
That night we headed to church for a cozy little candlelight service. Being away from the states, and therefore distanced from all the fuss of this season has given us space to really reflect during this holiday and truly celebrate it's purpose. I'm not saying that we wouldn't do the same if we still lived back home but I think that with more distractions comes less focus for reflection. Being overseas during the holidays can be extremely bittersweet for us expats. On one hand I miss the lights, the Christmas music being played in every store, the family time filled with good food, games and an abundance of laughter. But being away from it all has given hubs and I a chance to really bond together during these times and enjoy the simplified version of this holiday.

What was your favorite part of the holiday?