Thursday, July 12, 2012

Faster than a speeding bullet! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s Super Emma when she sneaks past me out the door!  Doggone it, I haven’t had this problem with Emma in a couple of years, but when Pam knocked on the door this morning and I went out to talk to her, Emma shot past me like a rocket.  The race was on!  In two shakes of a lamb’s tail she was a quarter of a mile down the road of the campground.  Grrr.  I grabbed her leash and hobbled my way up to the entrance station.

Of course, she had already been there and blasted past it without a second glance.  People turned their heads and marveled at her speed.  Two young ladies ran after her, and a gentleman accompanied me up the hill to try to find her.  We all were just a distant memory for her.  She was no where to be seen.  The girls thought she went up the mountain through the woods.  I would expect that from her.  She is a wild child.

Eventually Stan and Pam had the bright idea to bring George along in our search.  George, the old smooth collie, is the love of Emma’s life even though he won’t have anything to do with her.  Sure enough, she soon came bolting down the road to slurp his face (he absolutely hates that).  I casually walked over and hooked her to the leash as she gave me a look that said, “What’s the matter Mom?  Why are you so upset?  I had fun!”

I was just relieved to have her back on the leash without her having caused too much chaos with folks who either don’t like or are afraid of dogs.  Phew!  It was not the beginning to the day that I had envisioned. 

After that little episode, Pam and I walked over to a canopy in the park where there was supposed to be an activity for making Tobacco Walking Sticks.  It was my idea to go there since I’ve been known to make a few diamond willow walking sticks in my time on the road.  It turned out to be an activity for kids in the park, and lots of kids showed up.  With only one recreation staff person and a few parents, it appeared they needed help with so many kids so I jumped in and helped a couple of youngsters with the task.  Soon after, Pam joined in as well.  We all had a good time, and all of the decorated walking sticks found new homes.

IMG_9319 IMG_9320


I got a kick out of this frog up at the lodge yesterday while we were waiting for our van tour to start.  It appears to be made out of two  wheelbarrows.


The lodge also has this very cool large quilt hanging on the wall.  You can see Jenny Wiley, Loretta Lynn, and Kentucky race horses depicted in some of the panels.  I’m not sure, but I’d guess that the Northern cardinal may be the state bird, and the state flower may also be represented.


An appropriately ‘green’ box houses a hand powered crank at the lodge.  You keep turning the crank after pushing one of the buttons, and an audio begins to play talking about one of the four things to see and do in the area.  I thought this was very cool, and let me tell you that it is a great way to build up the muscles in your arm!

Kind of a Hodge-podge of things tonight.  We didn’t do any touring today, but tomorrow we’re off to Pikesville to learn about the Hatfield/McCoy feud.  Confused smile

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy