Friday, July 13, 2012


dear boss, thanks for not making me feel awkward at all at work when you came and had a five minute conversation about how sexy i look today and how you wish that you had my cleavage. dear jango, as of now you're the best alternative to pandora since pandora hates korea and won't let me listen. but when you mix in christmas music with my jack johnson, you make me seriously question your abilities. dear students, i'm glad that you like finding nemo and even more that i'm allowed to watch movies in class. dear rainy season, no amount of cute rain gear will ever prepare me for you. guess i'll be sporting the wet look this season. dear sister, thank you for reproducing so i can buy cute things like this...yes, those are trainer chopsticks for kids, or adults like my mom who can't use chopsticks.dear korea, your fruit is more tasty than i could ever imagine. case in point, the entire watermelon i ate this week ...alone. dear cliff jumping, you were amazing to say the least. even with your icy waters that left me gasping for air and my towel. i'll be posting a full story on it next week!happy weekend everyone! we're heading up to mud fest for the weekend so hopefully i'll be coming back next week with some really smooth skin!