Friday, July 20, 2012


dear high school, you've been great but i'm glad that the hubs only has one more week so he doesn't have to have lunches like this anymore. p.s. he said that there were definitely still feathers on it. dear homeland, only eight more days! we're starting to get more and more excited with thoughts of family, friends and REAL mexican food! dear sister, we're now making bets on when you will pop (i have the monday the 23rd. fingers crossed!) is there any way you could convince your mini me to let me win? i hear that crossing your legs helps. dear hubs, thanks for sincerely saying cheesy romantic lines that sound like they could be in a chick flick. even though i laugh, i secretly love it. dear watermelon, our love affair is about to end. your price has dropped from 15 dollars a pop to now just 5. great news for our grocery fund but it means that you're about to disappear until next year. good thing i stocked up and have already eaten half of one this week. i have never had to pee so often in my life. i think my students are starting to think that i'm sick with how many times i go to the bathroom during class. dear grains, i am beyond excited to make bread this weekend with you. i have a friend that makes his own beer (side note: it's better than amazing. and that's coming from a gal that has tasted maybe one beer in the past that i've liked) and he's going to give me the left over grains that he used. dear insanity, i have just ONE MORE WEEK! i never thought that i would finish. it's been by far the most challenging workout that i have ever done but i have also never seen results like this before. any suggestions on what to try next? i'll do insanity again at some point but me and the two friends that i did it with got to the point that we were back talking shaun t and trying to figure out what trainers were hooking up with who. a clear sign i need a change of scenery. Photobucket