Friday, July 27, 2012


dear insanity, i'm done! actually...i'm going to continue for the two weeks that i'm in the states because i have to do something to keep that american food from stealing my results back. dear sleep, please come tonight. i just know it's going to be tough with all the excitement of being on a plane for 14 hours tomorrow. thanks goodness for sleeping pills. dear cliffs, you were amazing as usual but can you please fill up with more water, i'm getting bored of the low dive. dear hubs, i can't believe we've lived in korea for a year and a half now. so excited for our crazy adventure that's only just begun. dear sun, wherever have you gone? good thing i live in  country where it's fashionable to be pasty and pale. dear lovely ticketing agent, it would be just swell to get a free upgrade so i can stretch my freakishly long legs during our 14 hour flight. wishful thinking. dear rainy season, you're officially finished! and of course, now that it's over, it doesn't seem as bad as i remembered last year. dear new students, i know you're just laughing because it's your first class and you want to be polite...keep it up. dear hubs, you make me smile when i see you play with our pseudo nephew. no..i don't want kids yet but that doesn't mean that i can't enjoy seeing how good you are with them.Photobucketand we're off! in about 24 hours we will be on our way to the airport and heading home for a whole two weeks! i believe how fast this trip has come up and hopefully time will slow down a little while we're there! hope everyone has a great weekend and i'll try to keep you all updated throughout the trip!