Monday, July 30, 2012

Sitting on Suitcases

After countless flights and numerous international flights, I would like to say that I've gotten pretty good at packing a carry on. But truth be told, I'm still trying to learn how to consolidate as much as possible. Here's what I slimmed my carry on down to for our trip to the States:
travel tips
Socks- I am always cold. I've started making it a habit to bring both an extra sweater (great at doubling as a pillow) and a pair of socks.

Kindle- (with a waterproof cover...I spill a lot) I got  bunch of traveling books to cure my wanderlust for the next few months including Jack Kerouac- On the Road and Alain de Botton-The Art of Travel. Also a great travel read, Lost Girls. About three girls that leave their comfy jobs and lifestyles in New York city to spend a year traveling the globe. It will make you want to go buy a ticket for the first flight out.

Makeup and hair basics- I like to bring the basics such as a brush, concealor, powder and mascara so I can freshen up before I meet my ride at the airport. Most of the time I go straight from the airport to a place to eat so it's nice that I can at least look like I haven't been on a plane for the last few hours.

Motion sickness bands- I don't get motion sick that often but when I do, it's nice to have these on hand. They work with pressure points and I swear by them. Even when we were sailing a few years ago and had continuous six foot swells, they helped tremendously with the sea sickness.

Refillable water bottle- prices have gotten ridiculous inside the gates so I bring a bottle that can make it through security then I can fill up after I pass through.

Toothbrush- 14 hours on a plane+seeing family for the first time in a year and a half = a need for some minty fresh breath.

Korean books- we are trying to learn Korean so i am going to try to study while we're away.

Card games- skip-bo is my family's favorite game. We tend to play for hours whenever we're together, along with watching friends reruns. So I always bring a deck with me to play during long layovers. Thankfully hubs has learned to love this game as well.

Phone- this is mostly for the wi-fi capabilities and music than the actual phone service since I won't be able to use it in the States.

which leads me to what I wore on the plane...
travel tips
More than anything else, I like to be comfortable. I also like to pick something that in the rare chance that they overbook coach, I could be upgraded (here's to hoping it happens two summers in a row!) So i picked a maxi dress that I just got from Modcloth that I can layer up with a cardigan but then when we get to hot and humid tulsa, I can be cool. Also, these sandals from H&M have become my favorite! Made of all elastic on top, they're easy to take on and off and surprisingly comfortable.

What do you always bring with you on a plane?