Monday, July 16, 2012

taking the leap

the weather wasn't ideal on the day we decided to go cliff jumping but we weren't going to let that hold us back! we jumped in the car and headed to the south end of the island. funny thing about going just 30 minutes south, it starts to feel like a different island. maybe it's the fact that where we live, we are surrounded by ship yards, but the south part of geoje just seems so much clearer and cleaner. unfortunately, we arrived at the wrong time of the day and it was definitely low tide, so we had to cross the barrier and climb down the cliff a bit to find the appropriate height to jump from since the water was way to shallow to jump from the top. where we jumped is also a popular photo op spot so we had quite the audience! they were cheering on the hubs and the older ones were whispering about how crazy he was. koreans typically go to the beach in dresses and heels, rarely go into the water (and if they do, it's almost fully covered so they don't get a tan), let alone jump from cliffs. it was quite the spectacle to say the least. i let hubs jump in the water several times (boys should always go first, right?) before i jumped from the lower point. after fulfilling my prophecy of screaming the whole way down, the screams were followed by gasps. it had rained the whole week before we went and also that morning, which meant the water was so cold that it literally took your breath away. i called it good after one jump but the hubs kept going as the crowd of onlookers grew. we're planning to go again soon and hopefully at high tide so we can conquer the high point!people watching the "crazy" foreigners jump. got to love the matching couple outfits that are surprisingly popular here, right down to the shoes.

summer bucket list:

.sea kayaking
.fly a kite
.cliff jumping on the south end of the island
.discover a new beach on the island
.get a tan (this is a hard one for me)
.mud fest
.beach camping, as much as we can!
.bbq on our roof. we're so excited that our new place has an accessible roof top and it's FINALLY good weather!
.get pictures hung in the apartment. it's time to make this place feel like HOME
.get a six pack. i think i have two, only four more to go!
.grow an herb garden
.sand castle festival.