Saturday, October 8, 2011

An Indian Summer Saturday

Way back in the early 60’s I received my driver’s training from my father on the roads and expressways of Chicago.  I don’t believe the present  National Interstate system had been established yet, but we had the new Kennedy, Eisenhower, and Dan Ryan Expressways to practice on along with the Chicago Skyway, State Street,  the Loop, and Lake Shore Drive.  That early training served me well this morning as I made my way from Indiana to Chain O’ Lakes State Park which is near the Wisconsin border in northeastern Illinois.  My route took me right through the heart of my original home town.  Being early on a Saturday morning, the traffic moved right along…way over the stated speed limit.  I had to go with the flow so I wouldn’t become a traffic hazard, don’t you know.

Anyway, after two and a half hours, I arrived at Pam and Stan’s campsite.  It was a relief to be out of the parking lot, and enjoying a magnificent fall day in a state park.


Emma was beside herself with joy to be with her boyfriend, George.  They’re having an animated ‘conversation’ here.  As I said last night; poor George just isn’t quite sure what to do with all of Emma’s exuberance.  She just wants to run and play, and he wants to remain aloof.  Emma’s pretty persistent about not being ignored, though.  Smile

IMG_3590After chatting for a while, we decided to have our lunch outdoors since it was such a nice day and there weren’t any bugs to bother us.  October is about my favorite month for camping up north.  I hope you’ll notice that we are definitely a Hellman’s Mayo type of family.  None of that Miracle Whip stuff for us!


Later in the afternoon, Pam and I took the dogs for a nice long walk around this very large state park.  That’s when we found this restored wetland area with a flock of Canada geese on it.  It was shorts and t-shirt weather for me today.  So nice this late in the season. 


The park has five campgrounds in it and numerous picnic areas.  The place was really packed, and there was barely an empty camping site.  Pam said that is very unusual for this time of the year.  I think it’s because the weather folks have been touting this as a fabulous weekend all week, and for a change they were right!

In all too short a time, I had to pack Emma into the car, and start the long drive back to the rig.  I don’t drive after dark, so I was out of there shortly after 4:00.  It was the perfect Indian Summer day…

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy