Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One step forward, two steps back

When I last left you, I had just set up at Premiere RV in Scott, LA.  Yesterday, Emma and I had to get lost for a few hours while the techs here took care of all the other things on my list that didn’t involve the refrigerator.  You know, stuff like having the generator serviced after all the use this past summer, oil change for the rig, and having the front end panel adjusted so it wouldn’t pop open as I drive down the road.  One of the techs also looked at and fixed one of my sliding closet doors.  I’ve battled with that thing since day one, and it was just getting worse.  It’s all fixed now.
                                (All pictures tonight are from last year’s stay at Anahuac NWR.)
There was no better time for a drive to Suire’s Grocery and Restaurant to have my first shrimp Po’boy of the season.  I did a post on this place last January, and it’s still just as interesting and delicious as before.  By the time we returned, the rig was back in it’s place.  Plans were then made for Cory to pick up my new refrigerator on his way to work this morning.
_MG_8033When Cory arrived this morning, there was no fridge in the back of his truck.  It seems the guy working the fork lift dropped the fridge on the ground from a height of at least four feet as he tried to load it into the truck!  Cory said the thing bounced more than a foot in the air, and he refused to take delivery of it.  Good grief!  What next?
So, this afternoon Billy Thibodeaux (the owner of Premiere RV) will go to pick up a second refrigerator, and Cory will install it tomorrow morning.  That’s the plan, anyhow.  It will be black instead of silver, but I can still use my magnets on it.  I’ll decide tomorrow if I like the black or want my present brushed silver doors installed instead.  They have to take the doors off in order to get it in the window anyway.  I’m thinking that the black is more likely to show fingerprints and such.  Any input?
Then this afternoon I got a call from Stephanie, the volunteer coordinator at Anahuac, checking to see how things were going with my troubles.  I told her I was hoping to pull into the volunteer pads on Friday.  That’s when she asked me if I’d be able to work the Visitor’s Information Station (VIS) on Saturday.  That Stephanie sure doesn’t give anyone time for grass to grow under their feet!  Smile  Of course, I said yes since I’ll be arriving almost a month late as it is.  I’m anxious to get there finally…
and enjoy some more of these great sunsets from my parking spot.  (Do you see the goose cloud flying in at the top?)
Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy