Thursday, October 13, 2011

I was happy for almost two days…

until I decided to pack a lunch last night for today’s drive.  That’s when I noticed that the fridge seemed not very cold.  The LED read out at the top said the fridge was 38*, and the freezer was –2*.  I didn’t think so, so I put in a thermometer, and sure enough; the fridge was 60 and the freezer was nearing 40.  Sad smile  My soaring spirit took a nose dive.  I checked everything I could think of last night, but it was too late to call anyone.

This morning, I did battle over the phone with SAMSUNG about getting it repaired.  They said they couldn’t authorize any warranty work on it until I faxed them a copy of my receipt of purchase.  They felt it was out of warranty.  I just bought it in January for Pete's sake! 

I’m at the Marion Campground and RV Park down in Marion, IL.  To my surprise, they had a fax machine and faxed the required document to SAMSUNG at 9:00 this morning.  SAMSUNG told me they would call me back after they looked at it.  Five hours later, I called them back to find out what the holdup was.  I was informed that it takes one to two business days for them to look at the fax.  What a load of crap that is!

So, I’m back to playing the waiting game once again.  At least this time I’m in a campground with full hookups.  I just went over to the office and got two bags of ice.  I sure hope someone can come out tomorrow to fix it.  Uff-dah!