Friday, October 21, 2011

Graceland? Don’t think so.

When I asked the woman at the front desk of Memphis South RV in Coldwater, MS, what to see in the area tomorrow, her first suggestion was Graceland.  She was shocked when I told her I never cared for Elvis.  I guess maybe it’s un-American, but it’s true.  Now, my brother, Kurt, owned a pair of blue suede shoes back in the day, but Elvis just never did anything for me.  I’m more of a white buck type of person.  Flirt male

Since I want to arrive in Scott, LA, on Monday, I decided to spend two nights here.  My drive today took me through four states, and Memphis was a bit of a pucker drive, but by 1:30 I was set up across from a minuscule pond about 150 yards from I-55.  I’m thinking that tomorrow Emma and I will take the scenic drive around Arkabutla Lake.  I may even stop in at the DeSoto County Museum along the way. 

Remember when I had HLS (hairy leg syndrome) a few weeks back?  Well, now I’m developing a new malady with these colder temperatures: CFS (cracked finger syndrome).  I got out the bag balm and band aids last night, and was lathered up before I hit the hay.  I hate those painful cracks that develop on the tips of my fingers.  It’s none too soon for me to get further south to warmer climes.  On the bright side, nothing new broke down today.  Yahoo!  Just a little problem with the front end of the rig popping open as I move down the road.  That’s where the generator is located.  I just never know when the whole front of the rig below the windshield will decide to lean out.  Goofy.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy