Monday, October 3, 2011

I’m definitely taller without glasses!

IMG_3509After my enjoyable stop at the St. John Farmer’s Market yesterday morning, Emma and I headed out for La Salle Fish and Wildlife Area to take a good long walk.  All of tonight’s pictures are from our wanderings along the Kankakee River.

63 On the way to Anahuac, 201111

After wallowing in a good bit of self pity Friday afternoon and Saturday, I was still able to accomplish a few necessary chores.  One of the things I do in October is get my yearly flu shot, and since Saturday was Oct.1, I checked that off of my list. 

63 On the way to Anahuac, 201112

Robyn and Dennis were off for a short holiday in Vegas, without the girls, so I was surprised to run into the grandgirls at Robyn’s house when I arrived to do some much needed laundry.  They were spending the weekend with their other grandparents, but were at the house getting ready to go to the park with their local teenage babysitter.  Phoebe’s reaction to seeing me was the usual:  “Belt!!”  Avery, on the other hand was a little more demur.  “Oh, hi grandma Bell, where’s Emma the gog?”  Guess I know where I stand in her great scheme of things.  Sarcastic smile I think Avery is the only other person in this world that likes Emma.  I told her Emma was at home taking a nap.


Now, to get to the title of tonight’s post.  Those of you who have always had to wear glasses won’t understand my fairly recent chagrin about having to wear glasses for almost every waking moment.  I’ve needed reading glasses for quite a few years, but I’ve now advanced to also needing them for not so close vision enhancement.  I can still walk around without bumping into things without them, but life is just a little easier with them on.  Sometimes, by late afternoon, I’m tired of wearing them, so I take them off for Emma’s evening walk.  And here’s what I’ve noticed.  After wearing the specs all day, I suddenly feel a lot taller walking down the lane.  It’s quite an amazing feeling.  Has anyone else had this phenomena happen to them?  Why I’m sure if someone were to come by and measure me at those times, I’d be a statuesque 5’4” tall for sure!


Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy